Covid-19 Policy

All precautions and procedures have been carefully considered and put in place adhering to current government guidelines to enable High Park to return to ensemble sessions in a controlled and safe manner for students, parents and teachers.

The church has its own policy and cleaning procedures in place to ensure on entry all surfaces are safe to touch and use.  Doors will be propped open to minimise possible contamination and windows open to increase airflow.

  • Saturdays will be run at two 45min sessions (10am and 11am) of groups no larger than 6 students (groups will be finalised and dates sent out of sessions relevant to each student)
  • Social distancing indoors, playing wind instruments requires a 3m distance between students (family groups can stand next to each other)
  • Instructors will keep a 3m distance if playing for demonstration. Otherwise they will wear visors/masks to enable closer contact within 1m when not playing.
  • Students are to wait outside the building at a safe distance and wait to be invited inside.

Hand sanitiser will be offered at the door

They will walk in file to the rehearsal room and take a place behind a designated stand.  The area behind the stand is their individual safe area for instrument cases and a chair.

Students will be provided with music and must bring their own pencil to mark their own music.

If a student requires the toilet, hand sanitiser will be provided before and after use.

Exiting the building will be the reverse of entering. 

  • Parents are encouraged to drop and go to keep numbers in the room to a minimum. If this is completely unavoidable, parents must wear a face covering and sit behind their child during the session.
  • On completion of the first session teachers will clean surfaces: door handles, music stands, chairs, light switches and hand rails prior to the second session.
  • Track and trace will be in place due to groupings of students and available contact details; therefore, it is imperative that all families adhere to the track and trace reporting procedure should anyone test positive for COVID so all possible effected persons can be notified.