Members Area

Here you will find all our official policies and documents. Please be sure to check them all as by completing the membership form on this page you are agreeing to their content. 
The form is long  but contains questions that will provide us with essential information to provide the best and safest possible experience for your child(ren). At this stage you will need to complete one for each child you have in High Park

Please only fill in this form when your child has been offered a place at High Park. If you are interested in joining please use the contact form included on the home page

High Park Policies can all be found here:

HPCMP Membership Information and Guidelines

Advice for HPMS members, parents or guardians

  • Registration – Please impress on your child the importance of ‘signing in’ immediately on arrival and ‘signing out’ as soon as soon as they are released by their group leader. This is essential for the safety of all involved.
  • Members will not be permitted to leave early without prior arrangement with a parent/guardian.

Instrument Loan:

  • Unless your child already has their own instrument they will be issued with an instrument that becomes theirs for the duration of their membership of HPCMP, it is then theirs and your responsibility to ensure it is kept safe and looked after in an appropriate manner.
  • When a child leaves High Park, if they wish to continue their instrument learning we will occasionally offer the opportunity to purchase their instrument at a reduced price, this is negotiated on an individual basis. If not continuing with lessons the instrument and any music will need to be returned as soon as practically possible.
  • Insurance: It would be good if you could put the instrument on your house insurance. This should not cost you any additional money, just naming the instrument and value as £200.  Some insurance companies may require the serial number which can be found on a label or tag which is attached to the instrument case and should not be removed.
  • Care and Maintenance:  All students are given guidance on this, but we ask that you also know so that you may oversee and help put together and take apart the instrument.  Bent instruments are often caused by putting the instrument away incorrectly or attempting to put music in the cases – a bent instrument can lead to costly repairs.
  • Instrument use:  Please do not let other children or family members ‘have a go’ on the instruments because the reeds on clarinets/saxophones may get damaged and we cannot subsidise the cost indefinitely. Flutes can be easily dented, and the key work bent.
  • Reeds: For Saxophones and Clarinets you will need to buy your own reeds which can be purchased easily from John Packer, Chelston, Wellington. Initially your child will need a 1.5 strength reed and we suggest you get Rico reeds which are the cheapest and come in an orange box/pack – it is possible to get them individually or in packs of 3 or 10. Buying multiples make them cheaper than buying singly. Often at the beginning reeds will get broken easily so please do get some reeds to have as spares.
  • Music: We request that all music is kept in a folder marked with the childs name, and they bring a pencil to all lessons to mark their own music as necessary. If music is lost, single sheets will be charged at 15p to replace or any of our bound books will be charged at £2.50
  • Problems:  If there seems to be a problem with any instrument please contact us immediately as we can often fix this ourselves.

Session times

  • These are published on the calendar on the events page of the website and
  • Shared by email to all members from [email protected] so please ensure this is in your safe senders list.


We may cancel a rehearsal or event, before or during a rehearsal or event, due to unforeseen circumstances. We will do our best to contact you members, parents and guardians using your contact details supplied. 

Parental responsibility and Organisation Liability

HPCMP is responsible for your child during rehearsal and event times only. Parents and guardians must arrive promptly at the end of a session to supervise and collect your child, or arrange for another responsible adult to do so. 

Conditions of Participation

  1. HPCMP reserves the right, at all times, to cancel sessions at our sole discretion.
  2. All participants must sign in at the beginning of a session and sign out at the end. Parents or guardians must also be contactable (for example by mobile phone) for the duration of the session.
  3. It is expected that members will practice playing their instruments and music provided between rehearsals. We ask parents/guardians to encourage this.
  4. Neither HPCMP nor any of its employees or members shall be liable in any way whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to property.
  5. HPCMP must be informed, at the time of accepting a place, of any medical condition affecting the participant, or of any medication taken by the participant that could affect their taking part in the activities. HPCMP reserves the right to refuse a place to anyone on medical grounds, where medical needs cannot be accommodated.
  6. All members are accepted on the understanding that any instructions or directions given by any member of the music teachers are to be observed.
  7. Participants are asked to respect the equipment provided; compensation will be sought from anyone deliberately causing damage to equipment.
  8. HPCMP reserves the right at all times to refuse or restrict the use of facilities to members. The right is also reserved to evict anyone who refuses to comply with the conditions as stipulated, or who behaves inappropriately or, in any way, causes damage or annoyance to any other persons.
  9. If any injuries are sustained or damage to valuables occurs, participants are to notify the Management Committee immediately.
  10. Your child must not attend a session unless they are fit and able to participate in the activities.

Making a complaint

Whilst we hope that you and your child will enjoy their time with us at High Park and we will endeavour to make this as safe and fun as possible, we appreciate that there may be occasion where you may wish to raise a matter with us. We hope that you will do this informally initially, by talking to one of our volunteer leaders, so that we can resolve the matter as soon as possible.  However, should you feel a more formal approach is required, please refer to the following procedure.

If you wish to make a formal complaint in respect of the activities of HPCMP or the conduct of any members, volunteers, teachers or management committee, please follow this procedure.

  • Make your complaint in writing (marked CONFIDENTIAL) to The Management Committee, High Park Cottage, Wiveliscombe. TA4 2AB
  • Provide as much detail as you can to help the Management Committee understand the issue and provide your own contact details, for a response to be made.

A member of the Management Committee (or delegated person) will investigate your complaint, during which you may be contacted for further information or to attend a meeting, if required. Once the HPCMP has completed a full investigation, you will receive a response in writing, including any relevant actions taken. This process will be conducted as quickly as possible, ideally within 3 weeks. 

Reviewed and updated July 2021